Operation ‘Have Less Fat’

Hey everyone, phone the neighbours and wake the kids… Operation – ‘Have Less Fat’ has commenced!

*** Warning, this blog and all others that will follow in this operation are for entertainment purposes only. Oh and it’s illegal… that’s the main reason I’ll not show my face on here. I’m just sharing so we can all have a laugh at my expense. Don’t do what I’m doing or have done…. You have been warned ***

This will be the third year of me doing this and I think it will be fun to share with you guys some of what I experience on my way to achieving my goal. 

What is my goal? Well, have a look at these few images:

So it’s a blend of Brad Pitt from ‘Fight Club’, Zac Efron during filming of ‘Baywatch’ and Alex Kovas from one of my favourite films ‘RocknRolla’. (He was the ripped Chechnyan chasing Gerard Butler. If you go look, the guy is so dry in his scenes)

Where am I at the moment. Well, here’s a shot from last week when the fun started. I’m 6’3″ and weigh about 204lb in this photo. Probably between 12-15% bodyfat (The lighting is crap in the bathroom so I’ll figure out something with my camera and a timer in my room with better overhead lighting. Yes I’d still look puffy in the better lighting.)

Me May 20th

One thing to keep in mind is that for over 20 years, I trained naturally. Only tried Androstendione and that’s pretty much it until I turned 40 when I tried anabolics for the first time. I did Anavar for my first and when I look back to me it’s just really strong creatine. Haha.  

The summer after, I ran into an old friend from highschool who is now a nurse. We got to talking and he asked ‘why in the fuck I was wasting my time with Anavar’? I pleaded my case and he came back with all the reasons I should use straight Testosterone and so I listened. 2 summers ago I did for 12 weeks 800mg of T400 (Testosterone blend) once a week. Here is the result of that. (I have barely any pics from that summer even though I was out on a boat with friends in the mid day sun… I didn’t get one pic taken) *It should be noted that I was training hard for the Spring and Summer of 2015 working out about 8-12 sessions per week. 

Me July 2015

Last summer, I did 12 weeks of 600mg per week along with 60mg daily of Anavar for the first 6 weeks and then 100mg daily of Proviron for 6 weeks. Here’s a snap of the results. 

Me Aug 2016

So, the main point I’m getting to with all this is that I’m not putting on any new muscle. I’m pretty much the same size (maybe 10-15% bigger at most) compared to how I looked when in my late 20’s. I was around 205-210lb and totally clean. Here’s one of the only shots I have of being in shape from the Summer of 2002. 

Me in 2002

(Lol, I seriously thought I looked way better than this! So yeah, good foundation but I still put on a bit of size in 2015 from this photo back in 2002)

Going way back to when I was in grade 12, I was 150 and 6’3″. So in other words, gross.

Now you know what my starting point is and where I want to go, here’s how I plan on doing it. 

First, the gear. Lol. 

(I’ve trained waaaaay more in my years being off gear than I have while being on gear. I don’t give a fuck what anyone tells you, if taking an appropriate dose, you achieve some amazing results. I’m certain I made a 15lb swing of muscle/fat in 2015…. I couldn’t believe the results. I know food/training/sleep make up the foundation of any program…. the difference the gear makes is crazy!)

I’ve been doing 40-50mg (just went up to 50 last week and I’m starting week 5) of Oral Turinabol. I had planned on playing outdoor sports and this seemed to be a bit stronger than Anavar and more of something someone who was athletic would want to use as the research shows it works well for sport. (Just as the East Germans!!!) I’ve put on a bit more size (barely) that I did with the Anavar and I don’t get the crazy hot and sweaty thing which is good. I do however get an upset stomach from this stuff. (This might be attributed to the Intermittent Fasting I’m doing and not eating until 4pm so I take them all on an empty stomach other than the Bulletproof coffee.) I just started doing 400mg per week of T400 along with 200mg per week of Tren Enanthate. 

Next the Training. So at the moment, I’m only doing a 2 day split. Day 1 is Squats/Shoulders/Back/Calves and Day 2 is Deadlifts/Chest/Arms/Abs. Each workout is a double or triple set and for the time being, I’m doing sets of 6 to close to failure and then rest 20 seconds then do as many reps as possible (AMRAP) rest 20 seconds and again AMRAP and then onto the next exercise and then back to this one in 4 mins.

The only area I want ‘bigger’ are my shoulders. I can get a decent chest/back/arms but my shoulders seem to just cut it. I’ve had issues for decades and it would be nice to add a tiny bit of mass to them. Oh and my calves too. They could use a bit more size as well. My legs don’t look big at all on my frame but if they’re any bigger, buying pants for work is a giant pain in the ass. I have a smallish waist and a decent butt so I have very little selection when shopping for work clothes.

Diet. Now I’m trying out this Intermittent Fasting thing and have been doing so since Feb. I can honestly say that there’s nothing magic about it for the most part. It does however allow me to not pack a lunch to work and I like that. So daily, it’s 2 bulletproof coffee. One at 6am and the next at 11am. I drink 3L of water by the time I get home at 4:30. From there usually a couple of eggs on one piece of toast. After that chicken/fish/beef with some veggies and starch and after that a greens drink and another protein drink. I’m also doing higher dose Fish oil for the next 3 weeks where I take 20g per day split in 2 along with 10g of L-Carnitine.

So there we go. If I think of anything I’ll add it to the associated blogs that will come.

Hugs to all.

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