Youtube Try-On Haul Babes – My Favs


Alright so, I’m not sure when I first encountered one of these ‘Try On Haul’ YouTube posts but they’ve quickly become one of my favourite things on the internet.

Now before I continue on, I just want to say that ‘I fucking love women’. Always have, always will. They’re awesome in many ways. And as you’ll see, I have a type (lean/athletic/med-large rack) I like but pretty much love them all. I know people get their shit in a knot about ‘objectifying’ or some other type of shit like that…

Men are pre-programmed to find certain physical attributes attractive. This helps us keep the human race going. Like when we see someone with a certain hip/waist ratio, certain breast size and bunch of other things that we like, we get boners and we want to plant our seed in their seed receptacle.

So this is somewhat of an appreciation page for all of these ladies who’ve started their own YouTube Channel and are posting self made content on a regular/irregular basis. Some are just starting out, others have millions of subscribers.

There’s one thing about this list that I want to make clear… I don’t have any channels on here where looking sexy into the camera is the main sort of objective. There’s a model named Katie Banks (here’s her channel: who is smoking hot and she has a newish Youtube channel. She is most definitely hot enough but….. her videos are aimed at being sexy as their main objective. I know this sounds fucking stupid but if I want to see her look sexy I can quickly do a google search and find dozens of her stripping or go on pornhub and watch her getting smashed. So the main reason for these channels is not this type of thing but just doing normal ‘hauls’,  ‘try-on’ or ‘lookbook’ etc and they happen to show off their body.

As I’ve searched the term a few times in Youtube and have a bunch of subscriptions, Youtube seems to be able to recommend a ton of great new Channels and I have to weed through all of them so I can bring you my top 10.

I’ve been searching a ton and have so many great channels. I’ll  split them up into 4 groups. <5k subs, 5k-50k, 50k-500k and >500k.

In alphabetical order, let’s get started with the Newbs and those with under 5k subscribers.


Click the links people…..  go watch, like, follow and subscribe.


Ashlie Helgeland 1.6k Subscribers

Up first is Ashlie Helgeland. She’s a fitness girl (not professionally) who trains hard at the gym… no fluff exercises in her routine. Looks younger than she is (says she’s graduating college 2018) Has a great fitness model body. Video production is high quality compared to most.

Ashlie Helgeland

Youtube channel:

IG: Twitter:

Link to video above.


Brooke Dobney 121 Subscribers

Brooke was actually a last minute addition to the list. I’m pretty certain it was one of those recommended links on the right that I clicked on. Her body is very much fitness shaped and her lower body is fucking insane. I also like that she wears very little makeup but still looks gorgeous. Her workouts are solid too and her form is great. (Lol, I love when a girl knows how to lift properly but still looks feminine)

Brook Dobney

Youtube channel:

Link to above video:

Ella Power 3.5k

Lol, this girl is fucking awesome. I’m pretty certain she’s Irish (fucking love the Irish) and she’s a blast.

Ella Power

YouTube Channel:

Link to video above:
FieldsofFashion 2.3k

Um yeah, so this next Youtuber has an insane natural body and the cutest face. She does a lot of Try-On videos and as you can see from the screenshot below… she owns some sexy stuff.


YouTube Channel:



Link to the above video:


Firuza 3.4k

Ok this girl is fucking hot top to bottom. I’m not sure what her ethnic background is but the end result is very goooood! Nice blend of Lookbook/Try-on/Workout vids.


YouTube Channel:


Link to above video:


Karlee Davis 530

Only one Try-On video in her library but that’s all I need to add her to the list. Amazing face and very pretty. Seems a bit on the conservative side so I wouldn’t expect too many upcoming vids with bodyparts on display…. But I’ve been wrong before (one time.. lol)

Karlee Davis

YouTube Channel:


SnapChat: Karlee_Davis

Link to the above video:
Lily Lee Tracy 1.7k

Lily is a very pretty girl that does a shitty job of her makeup a great deal of the time. I’m not sure if she’s doing it with bad lighting or what? But she needs to use waaaay less.


YouTube Channel:


Link to above video:
Melania Krystle 1.5k

Next we have Melania…. for some reason I can’t really add anything lol. Check her out.

Melania Krystle

YouTube Channel:

Link to above video:


Tara Skinner 610

Tara is definitely the most ‘fitness’ of the girls in this list. Her body is incredible and from the snap shot below you can see what I mean. This particular screenshot was not from a haul video as I couldn’t get anything that looked good as a screenshot so I pulled this one from her contest video.

Tara Skinner

YouTube Channel:

Link to above video:

Toria Serviss 4.5k

Last we have Toria. She’s got a build similar to Melania above. A bit top heavy (which is what I love) She doesn’t have a ton of subscribers but has almost 50k IG followers. Not many Try-On vids as the majority of her content is for makeup etc.

Toria Serviss

YouTube Channel:


Link to above video:



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