Youtube Try-On Haul Babes #2 – My Favs


Hey there, here’s part 2 of my YouTube Try-On Haul Babes series. I was going to make four categories but there were too many with 5-50k Subscribers to narrow it down to 10 so I split the group into two.

Go click the links people…..  go watch, like, follow and subscribe. If they have something you like that they have a code for, make sure to use their code so they can make some $!

Let’s give them a reason to keep producing such awesome content!

Amy Mettes 7.8k Subscribers

First up we have Amy Mettes. Her IG says she’s from Melbourne. She has this understated beauty that’s kind of hard to describe…. she doesn’t wear much makeup and she still has that *thing*. Very nice and proportioned physique as well.

Amy Mettes Zaful Tryon Bikini Haul #2

YouTube Channel:

IG: @amymettes

Link to video above:

Christina Khalil 22k Subscribers

Ok, this next model’s body is just insane. She’s very athletic and sexy at the same time…. but not really sexy. She seems a little shy when not talking about fitness and there’s a kind of awkwardness in a few videos that I can’t quite put my finger on… Also, to have your bf follow you around filming your ass constantly must get to you eventually? Go check her out, she’s superhot but I’m certain you’ll pick up on what I mean.

Christina Khalil

YouTube Channel:

IG: @khalittle

Link to video above:

Edyn Mackney 20k Subscribers

Edyn is an Aussie (I think…) girl with a great body, and I’m pretty sure her workout routine has something to do with that. She has several fitness videos in her library but her body is definitely in the normal range of muscle and bodyfat. Very attainable for the female viewers. I just happened to come across a crazy hot photoshoot video she has in her library and added a screen of that.

Edyn Mackney

Edyn Mackney Topless


YouTube Channel:

Link to video 1 above:

Link to video 2 above:

Kiley Miller 10k Subscribers

Kiley Miller is next…. she seems to be a very serious fitness/physique model. There’s some videos on her channel where she is so lean and dry. Really low bodyfat and looks just ripped. She has a great body in my eyes, one of my faves (when not too lean). I have a feeling if she wants to continue with the fitness thing, implants are kind of inevitable…

Kiley Miller

YouTube Channel:

IG: @fitbykiki

Snap: kiley_miller23

Link to video above:

LAETICHRISTINE 23k Subscribers

I don’t how I found this next model but holy cow her body (which is all natural) is utterly insane. She’s from France and it should be no surprise that she’s speaking French in her vids… Perhaps for her next video she can give her bathroom mirror a wipedown lol .


YouTube Channel:

Link to video above:–uxjslZajU

MADISON WOOLLEY 22k Subscribers

It seems there’s a disproportionate number of hot Aussie’s that produce haul videos on Youtube. Here’s another. I like the way she shows all the outfits at the end. Some girls like to show a clip overlayed and a lot of times they show it for only 3 seconds and the front view. I know I’m a perv and want to see how nice their butt looks but what the heck does the back of the outfit look like? I mean cmon guyzzzz!

Madison Woolley

YouTube Channel:

IG: @madisonwoolley

Link to video above:

Megan Shurmer  6.8k Subscribers

Next is Megan Shurmer, I think she’s Welsh (we won’t hold that against her though…) and has a very fitness oriented channel. She has gorgeous red hair too. She doesn’t have a really ‘lean’ look. She has a very attainable physique and has one of those booty’s all the girls seem to want.

Megan Shurmer

YouTube Channel:

IG: @meganshurmer


Link to video above:

Michelle Majuru 24k Subscribers

Ok, so the term bombshell is quite appropriate here. Michelle has a crazy body with amazing eyes and has a ton of haul videos. Yet another Aussie in this list. Go visit her channel. You won’t be disappointed. ***When I compiled my list she had under 25k videos but shot up in just a few days so whatever…. if the earth spirals out of its orbit and we all die I take personal responsibility***

Michelle Majuro

YouTube Channel:

IG: @michellemajuru

Snap: Mimie89

Link to video above:

Stella The Light 19k Subscribers

Stellaaaaaa!!!!! That’s my Marlon Brando impression. Ok, here’s the one that I’m pretty sure got me into this whole haul bizness. Stella is a vegan from the East Coast of the US. She has a ton of great Vegan dietplans and recipes etc on her channel and she does a few hauls. One of my fav things she does are these Yoga flow videos. Could watch them all day. If I had to pick a body from all the girls in the videos I’d probably pick this one. That’s why she gets 3 photos.

Stella 4Stella 1Stella 3

YouTube Channel:

IG: @stellathelight

Snap: stellathelight


Link to video above:

Tiffanie Seaberry 20k Subscribers

Tiffanie Seaberry. Wow. Yet another bombshell in this list. Lots of vids on her channel.

Tiffanie Seaberry

YouTube Channel:

IG: @tiffanieray

Snap: tiffanieray

Link to video above:

Tuktik Nida 6.8k Subscribers

And lastly, we have Tuktik…. Of all the girls in my lists, I’m 100% this girl does way more bikini type hauls than anyone by a long shot. She looks quite petite but has a crazy hot body. She deserves a couple of photos for all of the work and effort that goes into make those videos.

Tuktik Nida 2Tuktik Nida

YouTube Channel:

Link to video 1 above:

Link to video 2 above:


Go check them out and enjoy.

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