Update – Operation ‘Have Less Fat’

Me July 1st (Canada Day!)

July 1I’m very sorry for the delay with the updates. I know there are millions of you out there who dying for this to come out. Yeah right.

Ok so this was almost 4 weeks ago. I’ll put my current build up next week. I have some decent pics so I promise there will be an update with a week.

So, I’ve been hovering around 205lb. I know that my fat is pretty much all gone so I’m a solid 205. My calves have grown a bit along with pretty much everything else.

I’ve not tried to put on any size and I think I’ve been successful as I can still go to work and wear my same shirts and nobody says anything so I like that I don’t look like a monkey in regular clothes.

You’re also looking at a body that’s done essentially zero cardio. I mean zero. My time has been limited so being in the gym longer than 1.5 hours isn’t feasible until possibly next month as I move out and my roommates move over to Asia. I will probably be bored with all my free time and live in the gym.

So, what am I taking. ***This is what I’m doing. This is for entertainment purposes only. If you want to take gear, do your research and see your Dr before attempting***

ATM I’m taking 500mg T400 1x per week, 175mg Tren Enanthate 1x per week. Proviron 75mg per day. Arimidex-Nolvadex 1/4 pill EOD alternating.

As far as sides go, I’ve woken up several times this month soaking wet from sweat. I’ve had a few days at work where I really noticed my patience at almost zero with the stupidest things and I know normally it would have rolled off my back and no big deal. No difference in the acne situation on my back. I’ve had just bumps and the odd whitehead here and there but this is no different than any other time of the year. I just know I could go for a back facial (does anyone do that?) and get it nice and cleaned up. I did stop with the squatting every other workout as I was getting a strip along my mid traps and on top of my rear delts theres red bumps there from the sweat (I’m in Eastern Ontario so way more humid than I’m used to from BC) and the bar resting on my back from doing squats. Looks like shit at the beach so I’ll be doing leg press and lots of hex bar squats/deads in there.

How am I feeling? I’m not gonna lie, I feel good. I feel centred and just know my purpose. I feel driven and focused on my goals and where I want to be in 12 months. I have a feeling I’ve been low all my life and I didn’t know it.

The Proviron when I’m taking 100mg per day, I want to fuck anything and everything. It’s crazy. I love that shit. Now I just need to get off my ass and go wheel some brauds!!

So yeah, I’ll be back in a week with a fast forward of 4 weeks and a new photo or two.


Master ON

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