Update #2 – Operation ‘Have Less Fat’ Week 10

July 23

So here I am about 3 weeks later from my last update. (I know I posted it last week but I was slacking on my posting) This is week 10 of my cycle for those counting.

I did add a filter from my Snapseed App (which is amazing btw) which shows my definition a bit better plus I have a better tan too.

One thing to keep in mind is that I’ve done ZERO cardio!!! None. I mean I walk 15 mins to/from work daily and I don’t saunter by any means. But we all know that power walking as your only exercise is a bit better than nothing if you’re wanting to make some serious changes to your body composition.

So, what am I taking. ***This is what I’m doing. This is for entertainment purposes only. I’m not recommending or suggesting you take what I’m taking. If you want to take gear, do your research and see your Dr before attempting***

I’m still  taking 500mg T400 1x per week, upped to 200mg Tren Enanthate 1x per week from 175mg with no additional sides. Proviron 75mg per day. Arimidex-Nolvadex 1/4 pill EOD alternating.

Oh on weekends I do take about 100-120mcg clen syrup and sweat like a freak during those workouts. I really need to get on my water intake as it takes a major drop during the weekend and I’m sweating more so shitty combo on my part.

If you guys want info on gear, I suggest checking this guy out. No fluff or anything, just solid information. He’s got a pay site with some great plans depending on your training goals.


Here’s his YouTube channel with tons of great content.


My Pre-Workout is kind of a mishmash of Amino acids. I take 3g of Taurine to help with the cramping from the gear. 5g of Glutamine and 5g of BCAA’s and 5g of L-Arginine. For me the L-Arginine is the best by a long shot. It’s not expensive really and your pumps are fucking amazing. I love that stuff even if it tastes like shit.

So today I move and will be living on my own, meaning I’ll have full control of what’s in the house and what I make for dinners etc.

I will continue with my Intermittent fasting but I’m going to combine it with a Keto diet for a week and see how the results are…

Plus I’ll share my weird workout with you guys.

See you in a couple weeks.

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